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Stretching | Mobility | Flexibility

Arthritis | Back Pain | Stiffness
Relief from Corporate Stress

If you are in pain, stiff, stressed, hunched over a computer all day, or want better mobility for sport or life in general, come and join me on the mat!

  • Bring mindfulness and wellbeing to your next corporate offsite meeting
    Mon, Tue, Wed1 hr 30 min
    Please contact me
  • Don't wait until work stress burns you out, start now!
    Please contact me
  • Just for you. Personalised and unique to your specific needs.
    1 hr 30 min
    45 British pounds
  • Bring your mat to the garden and let's stretch together
    10 British pounds
  • A guided class through a range of movements.
    Sat1 hr
    3 British pounds


Mary Miall Yoga​​

Berkshire, United Kingdom

Tel: (+44) 7468585231​


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